My name is Corey Creed.  I’m an Internet Marketer.

More specifically, here’s what I do:

  • I do online marketing for some select clients.
  • I own businesses that sell stuff online, especially on Amazon.
  • I help others with various forms of Internet marketing.


Co-Founder, CEO & CMO of Rhino Goods Inc.

I started this business in 2014 with my pal, Ryan.  It does a few things.  Initially, we created brands that primarily sell on Amazon and Shopify, such as Clean Healthy Living.  As of 2018, we started selling quality athletic equipment, such as Jaypro and Bownet.  At this point, a lot of this is on auto-pilot.

In 2018, we expanded Rhino to now include Rhino Attorney Internet Marketing.  This is where I’m currently spending most my time.  We’re doing some great work for attorneys, especially in SEO and Local SEO.

Co-Founder, CMO & CFO of Collected Foods LLC

This business started in early 2017 and sells custom created spice blends, spices, and other items by Chef Matt Z.  It also offers recipes to use these.

Founder, Artisan Internet Marketing.

Now that I live in Mount Dora, Florida, I finally am starting to branch out and work with the interesting people and businesses here.

For example, I have enjoyed building the new site, marketing, and being the webmaster for Lake Legal News as we build them into a new local online news portal which is getting over 50K unique monthly visitors right from the start.

As part of Artisan IM (also known as Corey Creed Consulting), I do Internet marketing and consulting for a few clients. . I have a long history of e-commerce and Internet marketing and love to help people.

Previous Projects – Full History here

From 2003 to 2014, I was the Owner, CEO, and CMO of Hippo Inc, which sold products online to the hospitality industry.  It was primarily a dropship business which sold $400K to $800K per year.

I also did work for dozens of clients and trained all aspects of Internet Marketing, mostly in classroom settings in the Charlotte, North Carolina area.

I used to blog about Internet marketing at The Jungle Map

To learn more about my roles as Director of Training for Social Fresh, Director of Clients Services for Ephricon (a leading SEO Agency) and other projects, visit my history page here.  <– That page also shows a list of conferences I have attended, held, or been a presenter at!

What I Can Do for You

I have a long history of working with all phases of Internet marketing. Over the years, I have also built up a good network of colleagues and friends that can help as well.

If you’d like to succeed online, feel free to contact me.  I’d like to help.  I love talking about online marketing and determing how most any business can succeed doing it.

Who I am not…

By the way, I’m not a stunt driver.  That is a different Corey Creed.  You can see the cool stuff he does on YouTube here. I’d like to think I’m pretty cool. But I’m not that guy!  🙂