Sunday Football without the New England Patriots

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Now that we are half way through the season, the Pats have a bye week and are not playing.

Sunday football without the Patriots is like when you are a little kid and can’t play outside because you are too sick. Sure, you know everyone else is outside having fun, but you don’t even care.

I didn’t watch any games today until I just noticed that the Colts are losing at half-time. Now this is something that could be enjoyable. Either Manning has to have a big come-back or they are going to lose. Either way should be enjoyable to watch.


Day 2 at Blog World Expo

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Today is Friday and once again I woke up at 4:15 AM PST (7:15 back home). The difference is that this time I was able to fall back asleep for one hour. I’m trying to stay going to bed early and waking up early so that I don’t have too bad of jet lag when I get back.

Yesterday was very enjoyable and interesting. It’s been worth the trip so far.

If you want to see my notes on the conference, see my other Internet Marketing Blog.

I made it to Vegas.

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Have you ever noticed that whenever you fly somewhere people always ask you “how was your flight”? I guess it’s because flying on a plane can be so different each and every time. Yesterday was no different.
My first leg of the trip was from Charlotte to Dallas. (Why oh why have I still not learned to never book a two-leg flight? It is SO worth the money to fly direct, yet I always cave in.) I worked the morning and got to the CLT airport at about 2 PM. My plane takes off at 3:20 PM EST.
Anyway, I ended up at the back of the plane sitting next to a nice lady who ended up being very interested in my house! Go figure! I told her our entire situation (it was a three hour flight) and she took my contact info, my real estate agent’s name, and the napkins I drew the floor plan, survey, and front elevation of the house on. (All looked a little off, but I think she got the general idea.) Come to find out, she is thinking of moving out to NC and loves Black Mountain. She is a real estate agent herself in Arizona. She’s going to have her daughter check out the house. How funny would that be!?!
I landed in Dallas and went straight from one gate to the other. (Grabbing a McD Big n Tasty along the way and eating it in line for the next plane. My blood sugar would have freaked out otherwise.)
The three-hour flight from Dallas to Vegas was not as pleasant. I had a window seat again, but it was at the back of the plane behind the engine. I hate sitting near the engine. It’s so loud. Plus the guy next to me was a big guy (not fat, just big – normal shape, just Texas sized) with back and knee problems. He was also a talker. Thankfully, he just so happened to have worked with the guy on the other side of him and so he mostly talked to him, not me. He took some muscle relaxers and two alcoholic drinks and seemed to be a little more relaxed by the end of the flight.
I landed in Vegas early – about 6:30 (9:30 PM EST) and took a shuttle to my hotel (Circus Circus). Both the shuttle and checking in took forever so I ended up in my room about 8:30 PM. My wife booked me this hotel room. It’s on the 27th floor. Circus Circus is a huge place. Part of it is a Casino. (Everything is here. Even the airport has slot machines in it!) But it also has circus shows for free near the lobby every hour. It has a huge shopping area and six restaurants. It’s walking distance from the conference.
I got to bed about 9 PM (Midnight back home). I was so tired. We just changed our clocks last weekend and I have barely adjusted to that. So it felt like 1 AM.
I woke up at 4:15 AM and could not go back to sleep. So now I’m blogging from my hotel room.
My hotel room is pretty nice. The room has circus pictures in it and the curtain looks like a “big top” curtain. It’s fun looking, but not childish. Of course, I think my mom decorated my room in clowns at one time, so I sort of feel right at home here. Mom, I know you are reading this, so feel free to make a comment below if that is true.
Of course, being on the 27th floor right on the Vegas strip gives you quite a view. I’ll try to take a picture and post it here later.
So anyway, my flight was long and boring, but I made it. I’m going to take a shower and look for a killer buffet before my conference starts – I have plenty of time.

Welcome to my personal blog!

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This week I’m heading to Vegas for a Blog Convention.  I can’t wait!

To get ready, I wanted to start a personal blog and that’s what you are reading now.

I feel it is important to make a distinction between my personal comments and my business blog.  In general, those that want to read one may not want to read the other.

So here goes!

Thanks for checking it out.