Bennett and I

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This morning I added a new component to my morning jog.  Just for fun, I brought Bennett with me.  He seemed to enjoy it.

(Pretty interesting, eh?  I bet you’re glad you read this post.  I think I reached a whole new level of boring this time.)

I’ll try to be more interesting in the future.

Sad day for me – I lost someone dear to me

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Today is a difficult day for me.  I lost someone very close to my heart. 

Someone who was the founder and creator of something that has been a very intimate part of almost every morning for me over the past several months has died.  Although I will still benefit from what he started many decades ago, I can’t help but feel the loss.

I hope all of my readers can appreciate that when you admire someone this much, you need to keep the things he held dear close to your heart so you never forget them.

Here’s the full story.

Goodbye Herb Peterson.  Rest In Peace.  I’ll be thinking of you tomorrow morning.

Boston Celtics beat all three Texas Teams

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Great article about the Celtics on ESPN by Marc J. Spears today.

Here are some excerpts…

The Boston Celtics are bigger than even Texas right now.

There isn’t a tougher stretch in an NBA schedule than the renowned Texas Triangle. The treacherous three-game road trip includes stops to face three of the Western Conference’s top team: the reigning NBA champion San Antonio Spurs, the Houston Rockets and the Dallas Mavericks.

After talking about all three teams, he added…

Other than winning an NBA championship, there is nothing really the Boston Celtics have to do to prove that they are for real any more.

The Celtics (55-13) became the first NBA team to qualify for the playoffs, reach the 50-win mark and win a division. Boston won the season series against the Detroit Pistons, now owns a 23-4 record against the mighty Western Conference and is on pace to get home-court advantage throughout the playoffs with the top record.

This is all pretty exciting for a long-time Boston Celtics fan like me – even if I do live in North Carolina now.

My next trip to visit family

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This morning I booked my next flight on Skybus to go up to Massachusetts to visit family.  This time I will be going by myself (without Sandy).

I fly up on Wednesday, August 27 at 3:15 PM and arrive 4:51 PM.

I return on Tuesday, September 2 at 5:16 PM and arrive 6:58 PM.

The tickets cost $35 and $10 each.  I’m checking one bag each way ($10 each) and taxes and fees were $12.  Total cost of traveling from NC to MA is $77. 

(Not bad!)

My wife ran away and started a rock band

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For a week now my wife has been in New York without me.  After being there a few days, she called me late one night to tell me that she has been playing the new video game Rock Band.

If you haven’t seen this game, it comes with a guitar, drum set, and microphone.  To win, you need to hit the drums or strum (actually flick) the guitar at the right time while rock songs play on the screen.

Sandy told me that she plays the drums.  Her friend Jennifer Francis plays the guitar, and her friend Melissa Courteau sings.  At the beginning of the week, they were playing together every day.

In fact, while I’m writing this tonight, she just called.  

My Italian Greyhounds Playing! Bennett and Brady

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I guess it’s about time that I do a blog post about my two Italian Grehounds, Bennett and Brady.  Here they are playing.  You can start the video below and I’ll write some more about them below.

Bennett:  He’s the brown one and is about a year older.  We first got Bennett when I was starting my business in 2004.  When Sandy would go to work, I would work at home growing my business.  As you probably know by now, I don’t really like being alone.  So, I would play with Bennett several times every day.  Some think that I taught him to be a little crazy, like me.

Brady:  We got Brady about a year later.  He’s a my wife’s favorite.  He’s typically not as crazy and loves snuggling on the sofa with Sandy every chance he gets.

When playing, Bennett loves to chase and fetch.  Brady doesn’t fetch.  He loves tug-of-war.  If he wins, he keeps what he wins and never returns it.  You can see that in this video.

My wife and I absolutely love these dogs.  I hope you enjoy watching them play.  When they play, they both get pretty crazy.  But most of the time they are actually sleeping on the sofa (or in the bed if we let them).

My home office is starting to look nice

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Now that my office at work is pretty much the way I want it, I’ve been doing a little work on my home office.  It has a nice large brown desk in it and another smaller glass table for my computer.

The most recent additions have been rich, dark brown curtains.  They really look nice.  Sandy and I picked them out last weekend.  I’ve also added two more bookcases.  (I’ve always loved libraries and this office is starting to look more like one.  Of course, I have my big brown globe which helps.)