I’m going on a (info) diet

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Starting this past week, I am going on an INFORMATION diet.

Right now I’m in the middle of reading a book on how to be more efficient.  I don’t really recommend the book because it’s not that great.  But one thing it recommends is to stop reading, listening to, and watching news.

I’ve thought long and hard about this one.  After all, I built my entire business since 2003 by reading and studying forums, blogs, articles, magazines, books, etc.  Also, I love to read.  I owe any success I’ve had to the tremendous effort I have put toward learning as much as I can about my industry (Internet Marketing).

But I think it’s time to be more careful about how much time I spend reading vs. how much time I spend actually working.

So I’m going on a diet.

  • I’ve unsubscribed to all but one email newsletter. 
  • I’m going to avoid all television news, magazines, blogs, and forums. 
  • If something is important enough, I will hope that my friends or colleagues will let me know about it. 
  • If I need to learn something, instead of reading and researching, I will ask those that have done it already.

The one exception will be the few podcasts I listen to while driving.  It’s much more enjoyable than the radio, and makes my driving time pass quicker.

I’ll use any extra time I gain to building valuable content for my clients and customers.  I also plan on spending more time with my wife, friends, relaxation, and personal projects.

This should also help me toward my goal of working 4 days per week in 2009.

Next time I talk with you, if I ask “What’s new?”…  Be assured that I honestly don’t know.

Hotter than you can imagine in Charlotte, NC

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Ok, it’s about as hot as you can believe here.

We have one of those remote thermometers in the house.  The sensor is right outside our back door in the shade.  It topped out at 100.  Today it got up to 103.1.

Yesterday I put the sensor out on the sidewalk in the sun and it got up to 126.  It is only June 8!

This is crazy.  I’m not planning on leaving the house again for the rest of the day.