Update on my (info) diet

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As I wrote three weeks ago, I have been working on reading less and eliminating distractions.  I’m calling it my info diet.

I’m trying my best to avoid TV (especially news) at home, but I am much more concerned about my time at work.

So over the last few weeks I have systematically unsubscribed to almost every email newsletter I get.  Here are the only exceptions…

  1. SearchCap daily news on search engines
  2. MarketingVox daily newsletter
  3. Marketing Sherpa weekly research

The process has been very liberating.  It is a strange feeling to come in to work in the morning and only have emails from actual human beings in my inbox.  It’s also strange to walk out of the room for an hour or two and come back in and have no new emails.  It’s wonderful.

The whole reason I’m doing this is to free up time to create more.  The new design for my SEO training site is now up and running.  It’s not perfect yet, but it’s getting where I need it to be.

A new feature of the new design is that I am going to be providing more “resources” for my clients, students, and subscribers.

Thus, I am working hard to spend less time reading and more time writing – at work, at least.

New Bio and History Pages

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I’ve been working on this personal blog all morning.

I redesigned the home page to be a BIO about me and added a History page as well.

I also made the home page my BIO, not my blog.

The goal is to get people searching on my name to find the information I want them to find.