5 Days in a Tennessee Cabin with NO Internet!

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Sandy and I had a wonderful week in a beautiful cabin in Tennessee this week.  I just got back today.

Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge are really not our cup of tea.  But it sure was nice to spend so much time together and relax.  I did not realize we would have no Internet until I got there.  But I survived.

Below are my comments I made via TXT messages on Twitter while away.


My First 4-Day Work Week

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I’ve been working for about three years toward working 4 or 4 1/2 days per week instead of five.  (Actually, it’s been quite a bit more than five normally.)

So I wake up this morning with big plans to do some things I wanted to do.  But it’s pouring rain.  In fact, the weather says it is going to rain all day.

So I can’t quite do exactly everything I wanted to.  In fact, I have a meeting over in Asheville this afternoon with a client and then with the friends who are renting our house.

But there are some things I can do to get caught up around the house.  And the Boston Celtics are playing in Charlotte tonight. 

I’m sure I can turn this rainy day into something enjoyable after all.