Another update on my (info) diet

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It has been nine months since my last update on my info diet, which I started ten months ago, but I’m glad to say that I’m still on it and it’s working better than ever.

For those of you that know me well, I talk about it all the time, but rarely provide the details.  So here are some specifics…

It all started with reading the “Four Hour Work-week”.  (For the record, I did not like that book because of the premise behind it of doing everything for yourself.  I believe life is more about what you can do for others than what you can get for yourself.)  But the basic time management concepts were interesting.

So I started my diet by un-subscribing to every email newsletter I ever got.  Now I am only down to three:

1.  MarketingVox daily newsletter
2.  SearchCap daily news
3.  Web Marketing Now monthly newsletter

Anything else that comes into my inbox that is automated gets sent directly to a folder I call “noteworthy”, and I check that a couple times per week.  So my inbox is simply for real people who send me real emails.

But that does not mean I don’t stay informed.  When I drive and/or workout, I listen to and watch the below audio and video podcasts time permitting.

1.  This Week in Technology
2.  Ad Age Video
3.  Duct Tape Marketing
4.  NPR 7 AM ET Daily News
5.  TED Talks
6.  Tekzilla Daily
7.  Buzz Out Loud

As for actual physical mail, I get the below magazines/info…

1.  The Net Effect (I read it cover to cover)
2.  Wired Magazine (I don’t read it, I scan it)
3.  Fast Company (I don’t read it, I scan it)
4.  Charlotte Business Journal (I don’t read it, I scan it)

I also rely on several of my local SEO, Social Media, and Marketing colleagues to keep me informed via Twitter (time permitting), e-mail, and most importantly in person at monthly meetups.

Lastly, I do use an RSS reader, but the only blogs it has in it are friends and the various official search engine blogs.  That reader synchronizes to my two desktops, two laptops, my ipod touch, and my cell phone. 

I read them when I am bored.  (Like when my wife watches HGTV and/or House Hunters.)

Overall, this is what I’m down to and it suits me well.  I now work only four days per week and almost never work during evenings or weekends.