My New Productivity Coach – Commit Action!

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Today I signed up to have a weekly call with a productivity coach.  This has been about a month in the making.  It all started when I watched a recorded seminar video by Peter Shallard.  Peter is known for being the “Shrink for Entrepreneurs”.  He’s built a bit of a specialty for himself.

He has some amazingly interesting content on how entrepreneurs typically have the information they need and the tools they need, yet they typically do not succeed.  The main culprit is procrastination.

This is something I’ve known and worked at for the ten years I’ve been in business.  I’m proud of my business, my abilities, and (in general) my time management abilities.  I’ve even taught classes on the subject that have been very well received.

Yet, I agree with Peter Shallard that eliminating procrastination as much as humanly possible is by far the single most important thing I could be doing for my business.  Quite honestly, it is probably the most important thing I could do for my personal life too.

After implementing the concepts and tools that Peter has recommended in his free content over the last month, I’ve felt my productivity increase.  More importantly, I’ve felt my business move forward.  So today I took the next step and became a client of his.  The company is called Commit Action and they have a monthly membership in which a productivity coach calls you once per week and keeps you on track.

Let’s do this!  I can’t wait to see how much this helps.  I have a good feeling about it.

Crazy Couple Weeks

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I know I tried this over a year ago, but I’m going to give it another shot.  As per my recent 2015 goals detailed here, I’m doing everything I can to blog regularly.  This blog will hold my personal thoughts and ideas.  My business blog will contain my thoughts on marketing, business, and especially Amazon.

Personally, it’s been a crazy couple of weeks.  We started renting our new apartment at Langtree on December 15, 2014, moved on December 26, and closed on selling our old house on January 2, 2015.  The move day itself went well, but the packing before and going back for all the odds and end items in the attic and closets was a seemingly endless project.  Unfortunately, my wife’s health has not been well lately (I won’t get into that online) so I ended up doing quite a bit.

I had a one-day KM school in the middle of all that.  I also had my parents and my sister-in-law visit the week before the move.  It’s been pretty busy.

But things are starting to slow down again and I’m able to get into a regular routine again.  Thank goodness.