• Visiting the Family in Cold Massachusetts in February

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    Looks like I’ll be heading up to Massachusetts later this month.  I’m looking forward to spending time with family, especially my dad who recently retired.

    I’m flying out of Charlotte on Saturday, Feb 21 9:30 AM and will arrive in Boston at 11:37 AM.

    I’m flying home on Wednesday, Feb 25 8:00 AM and will arrive in Charlotte at 10:24 PM.

    I hope it’s not too freezing cold, but it probably will be.  They keep getting hammered with snow up there.

  • 5 Days in a Tennessee Cabin with NO Internet!

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    Sandy and I had a wonderful week in a beautiful cabin in Tennessee this week.  I just got back today.

    Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge are really not our cup of tea.  But it sure was nice to spend so much time together and relax.  I did not realize we would have no Internet until I got there.  But I survived.

    Below are my comments I made via TXT messages on Twitter while away.


  • My First 4-Day Work Week

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    I’ve been working for about three years toward working 4 or 4 1/2 days per week instead of five.  (Actually, it’s been quite a bit more than five normally.)

    So I wake up this morning with big plans to do some things I wanted to do.  But it’s pouring rain.  In fact, the weather says it is going to rain all day.

    So I can’t quite do exactly everything I wanted to.  In fact, I have a meeting over in Asheville this afternoon with a client and then with the friends who are renting our house.

    But there are some things I can do to get caught up around the house.  And the Boston Celtics are playing in Charlotte tonight. 

    I’m sure I can turn this rainy day into something enjoyable after all.

  • Back from Vegas – My thoughts

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    Hey everyone!  I’m starting to use video in my blogs after attending the New Media Expo conference in Vegas last week.

    Here’s my first one.  Tell me what you think…


  • New Bio and History Pages

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    I’ve been working on this personal blog all morning.

    I redesigned the home page to be a BIO about me and added a History page as well.

    I also made the home page my BIO, not my blog.

    The goal is to get people searching on my name to find the information I want them to find.

  • Hotter than you can imagine in Charlotte, NC

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    Ok, it’s about as hot as you can believe here.

    We have one of those remote thermometers in the house.  The sensor is right outside our back door in the shade.  It topped out at 100.  Today it got up to 103.1.

    Yesterday I put the sensor out on the sidewalk in the sun and it got up to 126.  It is only June 8!

    This is crazy.  I’m not planning on leaving the house again for the rest of the day.

  • Mom and Dad Visit This Week

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    I have only blogged once per month over the past two months.  I’ve got to get back in action again.

    This past week my mom and dad visited from Milford, Massachusetts.  For those of you that don’t know, I grew up in the cold region of New England (Go Celtics)!  I lived the same small apartment with my sister and parents until I turned 21 and moved to New York.

    I always enjoy when my mom and dad visit.  (I know you read this mom!)

    But the thing I enjoyed most this time was just talking.  Both my parents have always been a pleasure to talk with.  I’ve always been impressed with how many close friends they both have.  In these days we live in, it’s uncommon for people to stay close friends with so many people for such a long time.

    My parents are different.  As we reminisce about old times, they still keep up with and talk with many of the friends they had when I growing up in that third floor apartment in the 1970s. 

    My parent’s friends are now in all parts of the country.  But they keep in touch with so many of them.  They care about these friends and I know for sure that many of these friends still care very deeply for my parents.

    It’s interesting that this got passed down to my sister and I.  We both are the same way.  In fact, many of our closest friends are the children of my parent’s friends.

    Both family and friends mean a lot to my parents and I’ll always owe that aspect of my personality to them.

    Thanks mom and dad!

    I love you both.


  • My wife ran away and started a rock band

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    For a week now my wife has been in New York without me.  After being there a few days, she called me late one night to tell me that she has been playing the new video game Rock Band.

    If you haven’t seen this game, it comes with a guitar, drum set, and microphone.  To win, you need to hit the drums or strum (actually flick) the guitar at the right time while rock songs play on the screen.

    Sandy told me that she plays the drums.  Her friend Jennifer Francis plays the guitar, and her friend Melissa Courteau sings.  At the beginning of the week, they were playing together every day.

    In fact, while I’m writing this tonight, she just called.  

  • What’s different when Sandy’s not home

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    My wife is in New York this week enjoying some time with old friends.  She and her friend Melissa from Hickory went up to the Poughkeepsie area on a $10 each way Skybus flight.

    So what’s different when she’s gone?  Here’s my “Top Five” list.

  • My Italian Greyhounds Playing! Bennett and Brady

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    I guess it’s about time that I do a blog post about my two Italian Grehounds, Bennett and Brady.  Here they are playing.  You can start the video below and I’ll write some more about them below.

    Bennett:  He’s the brown one and is about a year older.  We first got Bennett when I was starting my business in 2004.  When Sandy would go to work, I would work at home growing my business.  As you probably know by now, I don’t really like being alone.  So, I would play with Bennett several times every day.  Some think that I taught him to be a little crazy, like me.

    Brady:  We got Brady about a year later.  He’s a my wife’s favorite.  He’s typically not as crazy and loves snuggling on the sofa with Sandy every chance he gets.

    When playing, Bennett loves to chase and fetch.  Brady doesn’t fetch.  He loves tug-of-war.  If he wins, he keeps what he wins and never returns it.  You can see that in this video.

    My wife and I absolutely love these dogs.  I hope you enjoy watching them play.  When they play, they both get pretty crazy.  But most of the time they are actually sleeping on the sofa (or in the bed if we let them).