• Thoughts on the NBA This Year

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    I’m glad the NBA season was saved this year.  I love having a good basketball game on in the background while I’m doing things.  Here’s some of my thoughts and predictions for this season.

    After watching a few games over the last few days, it’s pretty obvious that Dallas is unlikely to repeat with all the changes they’ve made.

    Interestingly, Miami is actually quite a bit better since they played Dallas in the finals.  It’s hard to imagine Miami not taking it all this year – by a landslide.  The big three are working well together and the new guy Cole is amazing.

    As for my team, the Celtics, it’s obvious they will make the playoffs.  But it’s hard to believe that they can win it all, especially against teams like Chicago and Miami.

    On another note, it’s going to be a blast watching the Clippers play better than the Lakers.  That may happen unless the Lakers can get Dwight Howard somehow.  It’s not hard to imagine the Clippers possibly even making it to the finals.  They are going to be awesome with the new addition of Chis Paul.

    Those are my initial thoughts.  I’ve still got to pick which Bobcats games I’ll go to.

  • Hotter than you can imagine in Charlotte, NC

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    Ok, it’s about as hot as you can believe here.

    We have one of those remote thermometers in the house.  The sensor is right outside our back door in the shade.  It topped out at 100.  Today it got up to 103.1.

    Yesterday I put the sensor out on the sidewalk in the sun and it got up to 126.  It is only June 8!

    This is crazy.  I’m not planning on leaving the house again for the rest of the day.

  • Food Court Musical?

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    This is too funny.  These people actually just started singing out of the blue in a mall.  You gotta see it to believe it.  I can’t imagine what it must have felt like being there just eating your food minding your own business.

    Too funny…


  • Bennett and I

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    This morning I added a new component to my morning jog.  Just for fun, I brought Bennett with me.  He seemed to enjoy it.

    (Pretty interesting, eh?  I bet you’re glad you read this post.  I think I reached a whole new level of boring this time.)

    I’ll try to be more interesting in the future.

  • Sad day for me – I lost someone dear to me

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    Today is a difficult day for me.  I lost someone very close to my heart. 

    Someone who was the founder and creator of something that has been a very intimate part of almost every morning for me over the past several months has died.  Although I will still benefit from what he started many decades ago, I can’t help but feel the loss.

    I hope all of my readers can appreciate that when you admire someone this much, you need to keep the things he held dear close to your heart so you never forget them.

    Here’s the full story.

    Goodbye Herb Peterson.  Rest In Peace.  I’ll be thinking of you tomorrow morning.

  • Boston Celtics beat all three Texas Teams

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    Great article about the Celtics on ESPN by Marc J. Spears today.

    Here are some excerpts…

    The Boston Celtics are bigger than even Texas right now.

    There isn’t a tougher stretch in an NBA schedule than the renowned Texas Triangle. The treacherous three-game road trip includes stops to face three of the Western Conference’s top team: the reigning NBA champion San Antonio Spurs, the Houston Rockets and the Dallas Mavericks.

    After talking about all three teams, he added…

    Other than winning an NBA championship, there is nothing really the Boston Celtics have to do to prove that they are for real any more.

    The Celtics (55-13) became the first NBA team to qualify for the playoffs, reach the 50-win mark and win a division. Boston won the season series against the Detroit Pistons, now owns a 23-4 record against the mighty Western Conference and is on pace to get home-court advantage throughout the playoffs with the top record.

    This is all pretty exciting for a long-time Boston Celtics fan like me – even if I do live in North Carolina now.

  • My home office is starting to look nice

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    Now that my office at work is pretty much the way I want it, I’ve been doing a little work on my home office.  It has a nice large brown desk in it and another smaller glass table for my computer.

    The most recent additions have been rich, dark brown curtains.  They really look nice.  Sandy and I picked them out last weekend.  I’ve also added two more bookcases.  (I’ve always loved libraries and this office is starting to look more like one.  Of course, I have my big brown globe which helps.)

  • I’ve always liked balloons, but this is too strange

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    I’ve always thought balloons were cool, especially when the clown would twist and turn them and make them into an animal or something.

    But this is just a little too strange, even for me. 

    Impressive!  But strange.

    Click on this link, scroll down the page, and check out the pictures.

  • The Patriots lost the SuperBowl

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    Unbelievable.  After going 18–0, the Patriots lose the most important of them all.  Amazing. 

    There were dozens of us crowded around the big screen TV at my sister’s house in my home town of Milford, Massachusetts and there was a whole lot of screaming during the last few minutes.

    It was a good game and I’m amazed that the Giants were the team to topple them.  All of us were shocked and disappointed.  But the one thing we agreed upon was that it was better to be beat by Eli than Payton.

    For all of you that want to complain, gripe, or tease me, feel free to comment below.  Just remember that the Cowboys and Colts weren’t even in Arizona this week.

    If you are a fellow-Patriot fan, feel free to comment below as well.

    I still think this decade’s Patriots are the best franchise ever in the NFL.

  • Little bit of snow.

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    So last night we got about 2 inches of snow up here around Lake Norman.  When I got up there was about that much on the rooftops and grass.  It was raining at the time, so the roads were just a little slushy.

  • Don’t rush fried eggs

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    I learned something this morning.  For months now I have been driving through McDonalds several times per week buying an egg McMuffin for breakfast.  But my wife tells me it’s too expensive. 

    So this morning I finally broke down and made my own eggs for breakfast.  Unfortunately, I turned the heat up too high (trying to rush) and ended up forcing down fried eggs that were runny on the inside.

    Pretty gross.

  • Celtics and Bobcats game!

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    Last week Sandy and I went to the game between the Charlotte Bobcats and the Boston Celtics.  In case you have not heard, Boston is basically dominating all sports this year (Patriots, Red Sox, and now the Celtics).

    The really amazing part of this is the Celtics part.  The Boston Celtics have not really been all that good since I was a teenager and Larry Bird and company were absolutely amazing.  So it’s a real throw back for me to see the Celtics actually have a good team this year for the first time in a long time.

    At any rate, I was dying to see this new and improved Celtics team.  So I bought tickets over a month in advance to this one of only two games that they are playing here in Charlotte.  Sandy and I went to the game last Saturday.

    As most people know by now, there are quite a few New Englanders in the Charlotte area, especially up here in the Lake Norman region.  So it was no surprise that there were several green shirts throughout the auditorium.  My wife had an all green sweater on and I had my Boston Bruins sweatshirt.  (The only Boston team that still needs support.)

    The Bobcats were actually winning through most of the game.   With seconds left in the game, the Bobcats were ahead by 2 points and had the ball.  They just had to inbound it and hold on to it.  Sandy and I were standing, but expected to see our beloved Celtics lose.

    The fans around us were screaming and yelling.  We stood quietly and disappointed.

    You can see what happened next in the video below.

    Needless to say, I pretty much lost my mind.  The entire auditorium fell somewhat quiet, and every “green-shirted” audience member was jumping and screaming.  I was the only one in my section screaming and yelling except for four guys in New England Patriots sweatshirts in my same row.  I had to practically climb over two big Bobcat fans to give them high fives.

    Sandy and I watched for a minute or so and then went out to the hallway to find our way home.  There, several fans with Boston Red Sox hats and green shirts on were all slapping high five.

    Everyone else looked so dejected.

    Wow!  What a game!

    Go Celtics!!

    (and Pats!)

    I think I’ll go buy tickets for the next time the Celtics come to town on Saturday, April 5.

  • Sunday Football without the New England Patriots

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    Now that we are half way through the season, the Pats have a bye week and are not playing.

    Sunday football without the Patriots is like when you are a little kid and can’t play outside because you are too sick. Sure, you know everyone else is outside having fun, but you don’t even care.

    I didn’t watch any games today until I just noticed that the Colts are losing at half-time. Now this is something that could be enjoyable. Either Manning has to have a big come-back or they are going to lose. Either way should be enjoyable to watch.