Thoughts on the NBA This Year

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I’m glad the NBA season was saved this year.  I love having a good basketball game on in the background while I’m doing things.  Here’s some of my thoughts and predictions for this season.

After watching a few games over the last few days, it’s pretty obvious that Dallas is unlikely to repeat with all the changes they’ve made.

Interestingly, Miami is actually quite a bit better since they played Dallas in the finals.  It’s hard to imagine Miami not taking it all this year – by a landslide.  The big three are working well together and the new guy Cole is amazing.

As for my team, the Celtics, it’s obvious they will make the playoffs.  But it’s hard to believe that they can win it all, especially against teams like Chicago and Miami.

On another note, it’s going to be a blast watching the Clippers play better than the Lakers.  That may happen unless the Lakers can get Dwight Howard somehow.  It’s not hard to imagine the Clippers possibly even making it to the finals.  They are going to be awesome with the new addition of Chis Paul.

Those are my initial thoughts.  I’ve still got to pick which Bobcats games I’ll go to.