Blog Every Day!

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I don’t think anyone reads this blog any more.  If you do, please prove me wrong.  Leave a comment below.

But every blog needs to start somewhere.  A dead blog like this one needs to start OVER somewhere.

So I’m starting over.  Again.

I know I’ve said this many times.  But this time may actually be different.  After 7 months of working at a Web Marketing Agency as the Director of Client Services, I’ve got a lot of renewed ideas.  One of them is this…

Blog Every Day!

It is my new words to live by and starting this week, I’m doing it.

In fact, my wife and I are working on a new photo that will be displayed prominently in my office.  It will demonstrate exactly how strongly I feel (or at least want to feel) about blogging.  I’ll show you it soon.  I think you’ll like it.  Then again, I don’t think anyone is reading this…  except my mom.  Hi MOM!

So my plan is to “Blog Every Day”.  I will be posting my marketing insights on and will be posting regularly to my e-commerce blogs and even guest posting on other blogs.  But this blog will be for quick, random personal thoughts, especially when I have nothing important to say.


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